• Using iPhone’s GSM and GPS hardware, it enables personalised tracking and safety at all times
  • The iOS App allows you to send immediate and consistent SOS alerts to Frontier Horizons in case of emergency
  • The App’s tracking capabilities are synced with Frontier Horizons web-based Global Operating Platform (GOP); This unlocks the ability to track your route from a remote location, and to manage your tracking devices
  • Handheld, easy to use interface, and comfortable to access on-the- go
  • The device sends you personalized email updates of your status. Frontier Horizons also receives these updates, in order for the firm to act immediately on your behalf in an emergency

Horizons +

  • In addition to tracking services synced with the Global Operating Platform, the Web App gives you direct access to our Global Intelligence Reporting. 
  • With a subscription to Frontier Horizon’s intelligence reporting, the Web App allows you to read the complete set of country reports written by the firm’s geopolitical reporting team.
  • The Web App links you to a wide range of updates and alerts via RSS feeds on the country of your choice. 
  • Whatever assistance you may require, the App provides you with a direct phone link to the Frontier Horizons team, in order for you to receive bespoke security, tracking, and geopolitical consultation at your fingertips. 
  •  The app’s easy-to-use interface makes it features clearly navigable, and can be used on all smartphones.