Counter drone/uav

We are working to provide counter drone security solutions to identify threats and vulnerabilities, assess risk exposure, detect and protect, and respond to drone incidents.
— Managing Director

Frontier Horizons offers bespoke counter drone and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) protection and security consultation. We provide trained and equipped small teams that can stop drones from 200 metres to 1 kilometre. If you can see the drone, you can stop it.

Shipments of consumer drones will more than quadruple over the next five years, fuelled by increasing price competition and new technologies that make flying drones easier for beginners.
— Business Insider UK, June 2016

We are able to provide security risk consultancy regarding the regulation and risk of drones:

  • Risk assessment
  • Regulation
  • Understanding legal responsibilities
  • Provide training for operators
  • Provide persistent drone detection equipment
  • Designate your airspace a drone No-Fly Zone and publicize this to the growing drone community
  • Aerial risk assessment when flying drones for commercial purposes
  • Penetration testing and security assessments
  • Advice on how to build a drone
  • Corporate drone racing


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Examples of sectors that are vulnerable to drone attacks:

  • Business and commerce
  • Government and defence
  • National infrastructure
  • Energy installation
  • Maritime (shipping, ports, marinas)
  • Aviation industry
  • Large-scale major events