White TR203

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Location Based Tracking
The Personnel Tracker operates on a GSM cellular network to track your exact location. Simply connect it to a local cellular provider via SIM card, and the device will automatically activate its tracking capabilities. 

With a compact design, this tracker is made to be accessible for the user. The Personnel Tracker’s simplicity is its greatest strength: it provides you with the comfort of knowing that pressing its main button will trigger an immediate emergency response. 

Panic Button
Handy in any emergency, the panic button is the device’s focal feature. It records your SOS alert location in real-time, and once pressed, sends out an alert for an immediate rescue response.

GOP Sync Capability
The device’s tracking and SOS capabilities are synced with Frontier Horizon’s web-based Global Operating Platform (GOP). This provides you with the ability to view and change the tracking settings (e.g. set up a defence, use lanyard feature) on all your tracking devices from a remote location, such as your command centre. 

Status Indicators
The Personnel Tracker displays clearly colour-coded icons to indicate its connection and battery status.

Dependable, with 150 hours of battery life, water resistant technology, and a USB-port charger.


Download Features (PDF)

GPS Tracking
Satellite GPS Messenger instantly connects to satellite technology no matter your location. The device tracks your location via GPS in real-time, meaning you have the comfort of knowing backup is never far away.

SOS Response
In an emergency, pressing the red SOS button on SPOT will trigger an alarm notifying both Frontier Horizons and the International Emergency Response Centre. The GPS feature notes your location at all times, enabling help to respond. 

In any other situations, you can press the ‘Helping Hand’ button to contact your associates that you can personally program into the device’s memory.

Confirm Status
The ‘OK’ button on the SPOT tracker also allows you to confirm you status and location through a pre-programmed message. This notification is sent to whatever email and/or phone contacts you load into the device. 

SMS Capable
SPOT can also send general SMS messages via its satellite connection to the contacts you program into the device. It allows you to communicate whenever you find necessary. Messages can be tailored in the device’s settings. 

The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger is specifically built to withstand even the roughest conditions. The battery lasts up to three months, and the device constantly on standby and ready for your use.

Iridium Nano

Download Features (PDF)

Satellite Tracking
The Nano Tracker links with the global Iridium Satellite Network, allowing you to track your GPS position from anywhere in the world. Your location can then be synced to Frontier Horizon’s web-based Global Operating Platform (GOP)

Handheld, easy-to-use LCD display, and comfortable to use on-the-go, Nano’s low-profile external antennas allow the device to be camouflaged at all times. 

SOS Alert
Panic button allows you to send immediate and consistent SOS alerts to Frontier Horizons’ 24/7 web platform. The settings enable you to create personalised alert intervals.

GPS Text Messaging
Nano can send and receive encrypted text messages globally via its GPS connection to the web platform. (256-bit AES format) 


Equipped with an accelerometer, an alert can be activated if a certain speed is exceeded. 

Durable, with water resistant and dust-protected technology, usable under any conditions. Nano works at all times with its ultra-low power consumption electronics drawing less than 50µA during sleep

A full range of GSM and Satellite hardware and devices is available for a variety of uses, including

  • Vehicle Trackers
  • Container Trackers
  • Asset Trackers
  • Animal Trackers
  • Emergency call devices