Equipment and Technical Solutions

Frontier Horizons is a global security and risk management consultancy that provides specialist equipment and technical solutions to help safeguard people property and assets. Our all-encompassing Global Operating Platform (GOP) provides a holistic approach to security, and is supplemented by our Tracking capabilities and Counter Drone/UAV solutions.

With 6 years of valuable experience, Frontier Horizons is trusted to serve 7 client sectors including: Business & Commerce, Energy, Government & Defence, Maritime, Media & NGOs, Private Security Contractors and Tourism & Travel.

The Global Operating Platform allows for all aspects of planning and preparation of a security task, including the intelligence preparation, background searches, completed risk assessments, and more, to be coordinated through an online architecture.

Frontier Horizons also offers a comprehensive Live Tracking and travel risk management service designed to inform travellers and employees of current security considerations before, during and after their trip, through the use of specialist devices and applications. Our procedures meet the client’s specific security needs.

We provide Counter Drone/UAV solutions, including protection and security consultation to identify threats and vulnerabilities, and respond to drone incidents.