UAE / by Alistair Galloway

The ruling family of Dubai suffered the loss of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's eldest son, who died from a sudden heart attack at the age of 33. Al Maktoum family was offered condolences and sympathies from the regional and world leaders, while the Sheikh declared a nationwide three-day mourning. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) involvement is being continuously praised not only in Aden, but also throughout the region by powers aligned with the exiled Yemeni administration. UAE's contributions have covered not only military and logistical assistance, but also humanitarian aid and financial commitment to help with the post-conflict transition. According to the federal government in Abu Dhabi, more than 100,000 Syrian refugees have relocated to the UAE since the eruption of Syrian civil war in 2011, with the total number reaching 240,000. In terms of the economy, despite the negative influence of low oil prices, senior executives of the UAE-based business believe that there will not be a long-term deteriorating impact on the job market. Instead, both the number of workers and their salaries is expected to increase by 10 and 5 per cents respectively.