UAE / by Alistair Galloway

Following a visit to Cuba from the foreign affairs minister, the UAE reinforced diplomatic relations with Cuba by establishing an embassy in Havana. Furthermore, the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development provided a discretionary loan to the Cuban government to finance a solar energy project. The UAE’s Federal National Council Elections occurred for the third time, with 20 elected members. The UAE won a three-year membership to the UN’s Human rights council. Yemen relations with the UAE remained fragile following the deaths of multiple UAE forces within Yemen, however, the UAE continued to provide assistance to Yemen in order to protect the security of the Gulf. The UAE has signed an agreement with Belize to expand investment between the two countries. The UAE energy minister announced an energy plan to minimize the country’s dependency on natural gas, following a rise in the demand for energy. Drilling company Transocean reached an agreement to drill one well offshore from the cost of Abu Dhabi, at a reduced cost. The UAE submitted its new climate action plan to the United Nations outlining the UAE’s intentions to gravitate towards renewable energy