China / by Alistair Galloway

45 Uighurs were convicted and sent to prison for supporting terror attacks in the Xinjiang region. The Chinese government dismissed a warning by the American government about its agents operating covertly in the United States. Rui Hai International Logistics, the company responsible for the deadly Tianjin blasts, stood testament to the high cost of rapid industrialization in China. China’s state and party-run media has chosen to remain silent during the country’s economic bedlam. China’s stock exchange has taken action against short-selling. The Renminbi finally stabilized after its steepest devaluation in decades. China’s central bank cut its interest rates as the government grows more concerned over the country’s slowing economic growth. Consumption of luxury goods fell as China’s stock market continued to fluctuate. With local governments in debt, Chinese cities began to attract private investors as local spending decreases.  Affected by the economic slowdown, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba missed its revenue expectations.