UAE / by Alistair Galloway

The main political event of the month was the first official visit of Indian Prime Minister Modi, who discussed the issues of economy, counter-terrorism and maritime security cooperation with his Emirati counterpart. The visit lasted for several days, and Prime Minister Modi departed satisfied with the outcome of the talks, which yielded significant plans for future facilitation of greater trade and investment between the two countries. Sheikh Mohammed went on an important visit to Russia, where he attended an exposition by more than 150 international companies of the latest military equipment. In Abu Dhabi, interior agencies spoiled the alleged plot of a 41-member radical group to overthrew the federal government and establish an Islamic Caliphate. The accused are scheduled to stand trial in the coming weeks. Abu Dhabi Housing Authority approved a short-term solution to the housing problem of its numerous citizens by providing billions of dollars worth of loans. This social problem represents one of many that have been caused by the year-long lowering oil prices, with another significant deterioration being the shrinking of the UAE's job market. Inflation is also at its post-2009 highest rate, hovering around 5.4 per cent.