Morocco / by Lewis McKinnon

This month in Morocco an uproar resulted over the arrest of two women wearing dresses accused of public indecency as they walked to work in June. They were released  in July after public outcry. Hackers this month briefly took over Morocco’s Google homepage. Other hackers leaked documents showing Morocco spent millions on spyware from an Italian company called Hacking Team. Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt announced they will collaborate on scientific research efforts. A new law was drafted by Morocco’s parliament, extending medical insurance to all students at universities in Morocco. In other news a terrorist cell affiliated with the Islamic State was dismantled towards the end of the month. The IMF said Morocco’s economy had improved in 2015, but could benefit from further structural reforms. A French telecom company, Orange, acquired a further stake in Meditel, a Moroccan telecom provider. A mob lynched a thief in Casablanca, resulting in his hospitalization and death.  Three Moroccan universities were ranked among Africa's top 30 by a Times Higher Education survey.