China / by Lewis McKinnon

China has implemented a new security law that would essentially bolster Chinese Communist Party rule. Beijing will undergo a major restructuring to accommodate growing demands on the city. This restructuring also comes under the plan to turn Beijing into a ‘Supercity’ to bring about economic growth. China’s recent crackdown on human rights advocates reflects the government’s neglect to the rule of law. The stock market plunge in China earlier this month may have weakened the Communist Party’s stature. China has blamed the United States military for rising tensions in the South China Sea. Ethnic tensions in the Xinjiang region have complicated China-Turkey relations.  China’s slowing economy has appeared to stabilize at 7 per cent. Nevertheless, tumult returns to China’s stock markets as shares fall, putting a dent in China’s economic growth. Chinese company Tsinghua Unigroup plans to take over Micron Technology, sparking talk about a new technological cold war between China and the US.