Iran / by Lewis McKinnon

Iran reached a landmark nuclear deal with the United Nations Security Council’s five permanent members – the United States (US), France, United Kingdom, Russia and China, plus Germany (P5+1) – on 14 July. The agreement limits Iran’s ability to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons while lifting oil and export sanctions against Iran. Much contention continues regarding the deal, particular in regard to the regulatory framework for nuclear site inspections. Iran unveiled a new long-range radar air defense system, making it its second domestically built air defense system. The British government announced a change in the safety classification of Iran following the final agreement of the nuclear deal. Syria was granted a $1 billion credit line from Iran, demonstrating Iran’s continued support of the Syrian government under President Bashar al-Assad in its civil war. With the conclusion of the nuclear deal, Iran announced plans to invest in buying many new aircrafts to update its aviation system.