Egypt / by Lewis McKinnon

The Egyptian government could take legal action against members of the media who report on terror related incidents which contradict the official report made by the government, under drafts of a new law considered in July. The new law that was outlined included greater legal scope to arrest suspected terrorists and prosecute in exclusive courts. Sinai Province, the militant group who sympathise with Islamic State, carried out several acts of violence, particularly against military and political targets, most notably the Italian Consulate in Cairo. Despite militant efforts to reduce the effectiveness of President al-Sisi’s attempts to bring greater stability to Egypt, multi-lateral collaborative agreements between Egypt and its allies have strengthened al-Sisi’s counter-terrorism plans. A new deal was considered between Egypt and US which could involve the movement of highly specialised surveillance equipment which would assist Egypt in its counter-terrorist operations. The UAE’s development schemes proved to be highly successful in Egypt due to its creation of jobs and securing affordable housing for Egyptian citizens, enabling Egypt to revitalise its economy. A new lane to the Suez Canal was opened which aims to increase foreign trade links and increase economic activity through a reduction in crossing times and allowing more waterway traffic to use the new system.