Iraqi Kurdistan / by Alistair Galloway

Peshmerga forces repulsed major coordinated attacks from the Islamic State (IS), and coalition forces responded with more than 25 airstrikes. Kurdish and American forces raided an IS court with the aim of freeing Kurdish militants, killing an IS commander. Iraqi joint forces recaptured large areas of Ramadi and the Anbar operations command centre from IS. Turkey has withdrawn troops from northern Iraq following a diplomatic crisis over the deployment of new troops. The United States (US) is investigating air strikes which may have killed Iraqi security forces. Italy will deploy 450 soldiers to help protect workers on the Mosul dam. While on a hunting expedition 26 Qataris were captured by 100 gunmen in Iraq - no group has claimed credit yet. Italy will provide $2.72 million to the Funding Facility for Immediate Stabilisation which will support the stabilisation of Iraq. The government of Iraq’s Kurdistan region has announced spending cuts which aim to tackle the $18 billion debt. The World Bank has agreed to lend Iraq $1.2 billion in order to help deal with the fight against IS and the low oil price.