Yemen / by Alistair Galloway

The death toll continues to rise after nine months of civil war. The peace talks that were set to begin on 15 December, along with a cease-fire, once again came to no avail and have been set to resume mid-January. The humanitarian crisis deepens, with continued criticism of the Saudi-led coalition. Doctors Without Borders accused the Saudi-led coalition of bombing one of its mobile clinics. The two main parties fighting in the Yemeni war agreed to a prisoner swap, showing signs of cooperation despite the failed peace talks. The security vacuums created by the civil war has allowed the Islamic State to expand its presence in Yemen, increasingly felt by deadly attacks carried out this month. Two Red Cross staff were kidnapped on their way to work in Sanaa. Fighting continued during the United Nations-brokered peace talks, with both sides breaching the cease-fire that had been agreed upon. The Saudi-led coalition was accused of targeting schools and preventing the education of over 6,500 children. The economy continues to be inhibited by the grave political and security situation in Yemen.