Egypt / by Alistair Galloway

Egypt opened the first parliament for more than three years after the last one was dissolved by court order in 2012. The new parliament, under constitutive rules, reviewed executive decrees during its first few weeks in operation and in doing so passed a controversial anti-terrorism law with an overwhelming majority vote. The Egyptian tourist minister reassured foreign travellers that extra security measures were being implemented to ensure their safety and wellbeing following ongoing attacks in popular tourist destinations, which have negatively affected traveller numbers to Egypt. A bomb, allegedly linked to the denounced group the Muslim Brotherhood detonated in Giza, killing six people and injuring 13. Plans were announced confirming that banks will actively try to help small and medium businesses grow with the introduction of additional funding and the potential for an increase in employment rates. During a visit from the Chinese President, significant investment deals and funding agreements were confirmed, ensuring the potential for Egypt to stabilise its economy.