Iraqi Kurdistan / by Alistair Galloway

A gas pipeline used to generate electricity for the Kurdistan region was blown up on 29 January. Turkey has dismissed claims that it has supported oil-smuggling as ‘slander’. The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government has met with over 30 diplomats and instructed officials to speed up the preparations for a referendum. US Central Command has confirmed that 16 civilians have been killed in coalition airstrikes. Turkey has bombed bases of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party inside Iraqi territory. Iraq has summoned the Saudi Arabian envoy to Iraq over comments he made regarding sectarian tensions. The United Nations appealed on 31 January for $861 million to help fill the funding gap faced by Iraq. OPEC production levels have increased as Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia increased sales and boosted supply. The deputy prime minister of the Kurdistan region has warned of major economic issues as the price of oil continues to remain at a 12-year low.