Morocco / by Alistair Galloway

This month, Angela Merkel said that Morocco must repatriate its citizens if they are denied asylum in Germany. Saudi Arabia confirmed it is providing $22 billion in military aid to Morocco. Thousands marched to protest the Moroccan Ministry of National Education’s new decrees. Protests were met with violence from the country's police. A Belgian national suspected of ties to the terrorists who attacked Paris in 2015 was arrested in Morocco. Earthquakes struck on multiple occasions the northeastern province of Al Hoceima, killing 15 people. The Health Ministry said Morocco is not under threat from the Zika virus. Daher, a  French aerospace company, will open a new plant in Tangier by 2017. Renault sold 7,000 vehicles in Morocco in December, a historic number, according to the company. A report said that the global market for argan oil, of which Morocco is a major producer and distributor, will reach $1.79 billion by 2020.