Yemen / by Alistair Galloway

The truce between the Saudi coalition and the Houthi rebels officially ended on 2 January. The execution of the Shia cleric in Saudi Arabia caused tensions to rise between the latter and Iran, which will have a direct effect on their proxy war in Yemen. Intense scrutiny arose on United Kingdom arms sales to Saudi Arabia as it coincided with an increase in airstrikes said to be breaching international humanitarian law. An attempt was made to assassinate the new governor of Aden, a few weeks after the death of the previous one. Iran accused the Saudi-led coalition of striking its Yemeni embassy, which Saudi Arabia denied. Air strikes have once again hit a hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders, in addition to one of their ambulances. A United States (US) drone strike killed three suspected al-Qaeda militants. A suicide car bomb near the presidential palace in the port city of Aden killed over seven people. More than 25 people were killed during a Saudi-led coalition bombing on one of the Houthi police headquarters, along with a Yemeni journalist and senior judge, in Sanaa. Three Al-Jazeera journalists were kidnapped in Taiz, southwest Yemen. As the economic conditions continue to worsen in Yemen, children join the civil war.