Algeria / by Alistair Galloway

In Algerian affairs, the Algerian government provided 18 tonnes of pharmaceutical and medical aid to Libyan municipalities. During a state visit the Danish Foreign Minister discussed expanding cooperation between Denmark and Algeria. The Algerian government approved a new constitution which limits the number of terms a president can hold and which recognises Amazigh as an official language within Algeria. The Danish company FLSmidt has signed a contract for the supply of a greenfield cement plant in Algeria. In cooperation with Algerian Transport ministry two Chinese companies have signed a deal worth $3.3 billion to build a new port at Cherchell. The French rail group Alstom has been contracted to provide the city of Setif with 26 Citadis trams. Following a counterterrorism operation Algerian troops killed a militants in the woods of Tizi Ouzou province and seized weaponry. The Algerian energy minister announced plans to establish Algerian-Iranian water management companies. BP confirmed a new start up at its Salah Gas project in Algeria, aimed at increasing its production.