China / by Alistair Galloway

Reports into the 2015 Tianjin Warehouse blasts reveal that more than 120 people, including senior officials, can be held responsible for them. President Xi Jinping stressed his desire for the consistent implementation of domestic reforms. In February, China confirmed two cases of the imported Zika virus. U.S. plans to install a missile defence system in South Korea could threaten regional security. Bilateral links between the U.S. and China were strengthened as they discussed North Korea’s missile programme and activities in the South China Sea. A U.S. think tank has released satellite images showing Chinese radars being installed on the Spratly Islands. The International Monetary Fund confirmed that Indian economic growth out-paced Chinese in 2015, by 0.6 per cent. The Managing Director of the IMF, welcomed the transformation of the Chinese economy from quantity to quality. The People’s Bank of China has confirmed that its foreign currency reserves decreased in January. Apple finalised its alliance with China UnionPay allowing customers to utilise Apple Pay.