Kuwait / by Alistair Galloway

Kuwait celebrated National Day, Liberation Day, and the 10th anniversary of Sheikh Al-Sabah's ascension to the throne this month. Kuwait warned its citizens against travel to Lebanon and is urging its citizens already in the country to leave. The Kuwait Central Blood Bank has announced a new policy to combat the transmission of the Zika virus. Thirty countries sent top military commanders to Kuwait to discuss the campaign against the Islamic State movement. A group of Syrian residents of Kuwait were barred from entry into the country on suspicion of having forged passports. Kuwait and Italy have agreed to finalise Kuwait's purchase of Eurofighter jets. MPs asked the government to exclude Kuwaiti nationals from increases in the prices of fuel and power. A new government plan with six integrated pivots was announced to support the national economy. Kuwait's crude oil exports to Japan grew 4.4 per cent in January over last year. The price of Kuwaiti oil ended on $28.05 per barrel on 27 February.