Pakistan / by Alistair Galloway

February on the whole was a positive month for Pakistan. Barring, that is, a major strike by the national airline, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), which was successfully resolved but not before more than 600 flights had been cancelled. Pakistan has been making tangible strides in its battle against terrorism, clamping down on hate speech, disqualifying Sunni extremist Muhammad Ludhianvi from elections and cooperating with India in its investigation into the attack on its airbase. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will attend a summit on nuclear issues in Washington in March, and attended the signing of a treaty with Qatar guaranteeing 15 years and 3.75 million tons of natural gas for Pakistan, potentially reducing power shortages. Pakistan will host the first round of peace talks between the Taliban and Afghan government sometime in March. The President of the World Bank has praised Pakistan's economic reforms and claimed the country is on the path to prosperity. A deal to sell Pakistan F-16's has come under attack in the US, with fears that the jets will be used against India rather than terrorists.