Russia / by Lewis McKinnon

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Washington’s policy of deterring Russia erects barriers to normalizing relations between the two countries, and Russia wishes to resume dialogue. Many Russian citizens, including President Vladimir Putin, praised a rare policy speech by United States (US) Republican presidential front runner, Donald Trump. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced work inside the Foreign Ministry on the development of a new Russian foreign policy. The Russian Foreign Ministry urged for more consistency in discussions involving US-Syrian-Russian policy. In an attempt to protect the public order, President Putin announced the creation of a National Guard which responds directly to the President. In response to the general policies of the United States regarding Russia, President Vladimir Putin claimed that the West had failed to isolate Russia in international affairs. Twice in the past month Russia undertook 'fly by' missions involving US-operated machinery and both incidents received radio silence from Russia. Following an arms deal signed in 2007, Russian S-300 air defence missiles arrived in Iran. Russia and China increased joint drills in an attempt to combat US expansionism. In response to the economic hardships Russia is currently facing, the Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov announced that there would be growth in the Russian economy by the end of the year. In response the World Bank predicted that the Ruble would continue to weaken over the course of 2016, however a stabilisation and rebounding period would begin the start of 2017.