Sierra Leone / by Lewis McKinnon

Sierra Leone celebrated 55 years of independence from British colonial rule. Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs increased its travel alert for Sierra Leone over increased fears of the resurgence of Ebola in the country. The Chief of the Standing Police Capacity in the United Nations (UN) Department of Peacekeeping Operations visited Sierra Leone and met with a number of representatives discussing policing and security. A Danish documentary revealed former Sierra Leone child soldiers are being used to guard American military bases in Iraq. British contract companies that work for American security companies are said to have recruited up to 10,000 Sierra Leone fighters since 2009. United States (US) Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus visited Sierra Leone and the two nations discussed how to stop illegal activities lilke trafficking of people and drugs, piracy, and illegal fishing. A primary school in Sierra Leone’s western rural district regained use of its drinking well. Student used to have to travel to collect drinking and hand washing water every day. The well was fixed with the help of UNICEF’s efforts to help Sierra Leone recover after Ebola. The Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone destroyed pharmaceutical drugs as part of a plan to crack down on illegal and unsafe drugs in the country. The International Monetary Fund reported Sierra Leone is the ninth fastest growing economy in Africa for 2016. The European Union (EU) warned Sierra Leone to curb illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing or else an embargo will be placed on all fish exported from the country.