Iraqi Kurdistan / by Lewis McKinnon

A United States (US) military spokesperson said that 20 coalition airstrikes killed 70 Islamic State (IS) militants in Fallujah, including the commander of the city. Troops from the coalition were seen close to the frontline of the offensive that was launched on 29 May to retake villages near Mosul. On 19 May the Iraqi military said that it had retaken the town of Rumba from IS, whilst on 6 May a Pentagon spokesperson said that a coalition airstrike had killed a top IS commander. IS launched multiple suicide attacks across Iraq. The Finnish Immigration Service said that it is now safe for asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia to return to their home countries, and this will affect asylum applications. The Communication and Media Commission shut down two television channels and ordered a satirical show to stop broadcasting. The United Nations (UN) World Food Programme has prepared plans to deal with up to 700,000 people who could be displaced by the planned offensive against Mosul, with a contingency of up to 900,000 displaced people. Thousands of anti-corruption demonstrators attempted to approach the Green Zone, central Baghdad, on 27 May demanding better protection against IS attacks and anti-graft reforms. The Iraqi Finance Minister announced on 19 May that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed a $5.4 billion standby agreement with Iraq, subject to approval from the IMF board.