Nigeria / by Lewis McKinnon

France and Nigeria signed a defence pact during a security summit in Abuja. Jordan dispatched a delegation to Nigeria to sign a defence agreement. The United States (US) made moves to allow the sale of up to 12 attack aircraft to the Nigerian government to aid in its fight against Boko Haram. A pair of explosions at the Chevron oil pipeline in the space of a week shut down the pipeline and drove Nigerian oil output to a 22 year low. Further violence involving Fulani herders lead to President Buhari ordering a military crackdown. A Boko Haram IED blast triggered by a passing taxi led to five deaths. A suicide bomber killed six at a military compound in Maiduguri. The Nigerian military has penetrated the long held Boko Haram stronghold of the Sambisa forest. Seven were killed by police during a protest that turned violent in the separatist Biafra region. Nigerian forces rescued two of the Chibok Girls and are negotiating for the release of the rest of them. The Nigerian government raised the subsidised gas price to its maximum of $0.73 per litre from a previous rate of $0.43 per litre. United Airlines cancelled all flights to Nigeria as the naira fell drastically against the dollar and currency controls prevented the airline from moving its assets abroad.