Algeria / by Lewis McKinnon

Algeria's Lower House of Parliament announced amendments to a bill focused on promoting investment. Senior staff at an Algerian television organisation were arrested regarding their involvement in a satirical talk show undermining the president.The Ministry of Professional Training and Education announced that Algeria and the United Nations (UN) will develop an exchange program for cooperation in vocational training and education. Algeria's agency for energy signed a memorandum of understanding to encourage cooperation regarding energy efficiency. Thirty four migrants were found dead in the Sahara desert near the Algerian border, abandoned by their smuggler. The Algerian security services prevented an attack on a mall in Setif by Islamic State (IS)-linked militants. The Algerian police have dismantled an international criminal network of drug dealers specialising in the trafficking of hard drugs. The Algerian government blocked all social media sites following the leaking of exam papers online. Algeria plans to launch Islamic financial services in order to create a new revenue stream following the sharp fall in oil prices. The Algerian courts have blocked billionaire Issad Rebrab from purchasing a media group that has been previously critical of the president. Hyundai announced its assembly plant will begin operations in Algeria.