Iran / by Lewis McKinnon

Iran appealed to the United Nation’s (UN) highest courts against a United States Supreme Court ruling that $2 billion in frozen Iranian assets must be paid to American victims of terror attacks blamed on Tehran. The defence ministries of Iran, Russia, and Syria met in Tehran to finalise a plan of action against opponents of Syrian president al-Assad. Iranian defence minister General Hossen Dehghan said that the allies are aiming to develop a comprehensive plan for combating ‘all terrorist groups’ in the region. Iran was listed as a top state sponsor of terror by the United States State Department’s annual report on global terror activity. A plan to carry out bombings in Tehran by Sunni extremists was thwarted. Ten terrorists were arrested in Tehran and surrounding provinces. The Financial Action Task Force will decide whether or not to keep Iran on its blacklist of high-risk countries. European banking sources stated that they are not ready to do business with Iran regardless of their status on the blacklist because of potentially high risks. Iran reached a historic deal with Boeing to buy commercial airliners in an effort to modernise their passenger fleet. Italian energy companies Saras SpA and Iplom SpA signed long term contracts with the National Iranian Oil Company to purchase and import crude oil from Iran. Iran rejected the proposed oil output cap as advocated for by the leading member states of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries.