Kuwait / by Lewis McKinnon

The Imam Sadiq mosque in Kuwait City reopened on 26 June, a year after the deadly terrorist attack on the mosque that killed 27 people. An amendment to the Kuwaiti election law banning those who have insulted religion or the Amir from contesting parliamentary election passed after approval by the national assembly and the Amir on 28 June. Large-scale reform of Kuwait’s national health care system began as the government sought to cut down on the number of Kuwaitis travelling abroad for medical care. On 29 June the United Nations (UN) announced a two-week suspension of the Yemeni peace talks taking place in Kuwait after fighting intensified across all fronts in the conflict. The Kuwaiti government confirmed a $523 million contract with the global arms firm Raytheon to upgrade its Patriot air missile defence system. Kuwait Airways announced on 26 June that its weekly flight to John F Kennedy Airport in New York will now have a stopover at Shannon Airport in the Republic of Ireland as part of new security measures. Four men were arrested by the Kuwaiti Security Information Department for possession of unlicensed firearms during a search by weapons inspectors on 29 June. An Emirati investment group confirmed the purchase of the Kuwaiti food company Americana on 18 June. Kuwait’s Finance Minister assured the Kuwaiti cabinet that Kuwait’s investments in the United Kingdom (UK) will not be adversely affected after the UK’s decision to leave the European Union (EU). The price of Kuwaiti oil rose from $42.87 to $44.12 per barrel on 30 June.