Nigeria / by Lewis McKinnon

A group of Nigerian politicians were accused of sexually assaulting a hotel chamber maid and hiring prostitutes during a recent visit to the United States. A deputy high commissioner was abducted on a road near Abuja. A Boko Haram attack on a funeral killed 18 women on 17 June. Experts project that the Nigerian government will be unable to militarily suppress the Niger Delta militant crisis. Three Australians and a New Zealander were kidnapped from their convoy and the driver was killed by gunfire. A foreign civil engineer was kidnapped from the Gboko town in the Benue state. The threat of religious violence is looming after a Christian woman was killed by a Muslim in a religious dispute. In economic affairs, global oil prices hit a year-long high due to a fall in Nigerian output. Nigeria is seeking $40-50 million in investments to bolster its flagging oil industry. The value of the Naira plunged against the dollar after the Nigerian government removed its peg to the dollar. South African telecom company MTN settled its long standing fine with the Nigerian government for a sum of $1.7 billion.