Pakistan / by Lewis McKinnon

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif faced charges of corruption after the leaked Panama Papers. The small group of Islamic clerics Tanzeem Ittehede-i-Ummat ruled in a fatwa that transgender individuals (called hijra) can marry and be buried with other Muslims, making the group the the first Muslim clerical organization to make such a change. The current Pakistan People’s Party leader Hina Rabbani Khar argued that Pakistan and India must enhance diplomatic relations to lessen tensions and enhance trust between the two countries. The Pakistani Supreme Court analysed the cases of 12 individuals who had been tried in military tribunals and convicted, to determine if their constitutional rights had been violated. A government advisor announced that border management mechanisms are the next step for Pakistan to secure its border with Afghanistan. Pakistan is constructing check points which will be connecting points for the future fence. The Torkham crossing was the location of clashes between guards on both sides, which resulted in two deaths, multiple injures, and travel restrictions on those entering Pakistan. Three Islamic State (IS) members were arrested for plans to attack government buildings. The son of Chief Justice Sindh disappeared and was likely abducted on 21 June, but authorities reached a wall in their investigative efforts. A Qawwali singer was murdered as he drove through Karachi on 22 June. Stocks rose slightly by the end of June 2016, after the promise of the first tranche of a $6.2 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF.) The Oil and Gas Development Company, Ltd., discovered oil and gas reserves in Sindh Province, which resulted in gains for several natural resource company’s stocks.