Russia / by Lewis McKinnon

Russian Government Hackers break into United States Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) database and stole the DNC’s research on Republican Party's presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Following the incessant harassment by Russian officials on US diplomats throughout Europe, United States Secretary of State John Kerry made a formal request to President Vladimir Putin for these actions to stop. President Vladimir Putin hinted that Russia would react in a hostile manner if Finland were to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Following an apology from President Erdogan of Turkey, Russia and Turkey have started a coordinated campaign in Syria. According to the Polish defence minister, Russia is the biggest threat to global security since the height of the Soviet Union. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu commended Russia’s efforts in Syria ahead of a formal visit to Moscow in an attempt to further develop the Russian-Israeli economic and security relationship. The European Union (EU) extended its previous economic sanctions on Russia as of 30 June 2016 due to the failure to implement the Minsk agreements projected to be finished on 31 December 2015. Russia’s manufacturing sector returned to growth in June due to a recovery in Russian based goods demand. As oil prices dropped and sanctions continued, President Putin turned to Chinese president Xi Jinping in an attempt to broker an energy and trade deal to support his country in their economic downturn.