Sierra Leone / by Lewis McKinnon

The Peace Building Commission travelled to Sierra Leone to discuss peace building opportunities and goals in the region. The United Nations Security Council urged states to create a solution to the political crisis in Sierra Leone and for a presidential mission including heads of state of Guinea, Senegal, and Sierra Leone to meet to discuss the crisis. President Koroma travelled to Cairo, Egypt to meet with Egyptian officials and discuss issues like cooperation, health concerns, maritime resources, and security. A security breach was reported at Lungi International Airport when a man attempted to board a plane with petrol, a matchbox, and a cigarette lighter. Victor Bockarie Foh, the Vice President of Sierra Leone, urged all Sierra Leoneans to join in the fight against cyber terrorism and cyber theft. The governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone announced he would begin efforts to curb the use of United States dollars instead of the Sierra Leonean Leone in business transactions. The leone depreciated and inflation has risen over the past few months. Electricity was brought to the city of Magburaka, which is part of President Koroma’s plan to expand electricity throughout the country. Members of parliament ratified two new loan agreements to continue the Bo-Bandajuma Road Project and to continue expanding electricity throughout the country. AMR Gold, a mine development company in Sierra Leone, joined the Forestry Department in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Food Security to provide training for local farmers in villages to begin reforestation.