Turkey / by Lewis McKinnon

June was characterised by the ongoing security struggle between the Turkish state, The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh. Two attacks in Istanbul, one against a police bus on 7 June and the attack against Ataturk international airport on 28 June killed a total of 11 and 36 respectively, and injured over 200 others. Turkey continued their aerial operations against both PKK and Daesh targets in Syria and Iraq. A new bill was introduced to provide security forces with immunity during terror operations. European Union (EU)-Turkey relations were strained as a result of Turkey failing to meet EU’s criteria on June 15, but German MPs’ approval of a resolution calling the Ottoman actions in Armenia during the First World War as ‘genocide’ caused significant tension in both Turkey and Germany, home to 3.5 million Turks. Russo-Turkish relations are becoming more amicable following an official apology for the downing of a Russian jet in November 2015. In economic affairs, Turkey banned the sale of fertilisers containing ammonium nitrate in a bid to decrease the amount of explosives used in attacks against the state and civilians.