Yemen / by Lewis McKinnon

The United Nations (UN) backed peace talks were adjourned until 15 July in Kuwait. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) declared that the war was almost over for its troops in Yemen. Saudi Arabia handed over 54 child prisoners to the Yemeni government, captured while fighting against the Houthi. A decision by the United Nations to remove Saudi Arabia from a blacklist of countries and groups alleged to have violated children’s rights prompted widespread dissatisfaction amongst human rights groups. The Saudi-led coalition declared it has intercepted a missile fired from Yemen. United States (US) air strikes killed 15 al Qaeda fighters in Yemen. An airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition killed 25 people in Taiz province. A triple bomb attack let by the Islamic State (IS) killed over 35 people and injured 24 in Mukalla. A Saudi-led coalition air strike killed 10 Yemeni civilians in the southern Lahj province. Houthi rebels killed seven people while searching for the leader of pro-government militia in Nadara, Ibb Province. The UN stressed the urgent need of support for the Yemeni central bank. Persistent power cuts in Aden caused the city’s inhabitants to take the streets in protest, feeding into southern separatist sentiment.