Cameroon / by Lewis McKinnon

In foreign affairs, Cameroon ratified the EU Economic Partnership Agreement in early August 2016. The border between Cameroon and Nigeria was reopened in August due to Boko Haram being sufficiently defeated and security in the region restored. The European Union announced a large amount of humanitarian aid to Nigeria, Cameroon, and Chad to provide additional assistance in the face of large numbers of refugees from the Boko Haram violence in the region. In economic affairs, Cameroon’s cocoa production is up 16 per cent from last year as the Cameroonian government encouraged new production. Gabonese and Nigerian banks will finance the construction of two major stadium projects in Yaounde and Douala Cameroon. Chad and Cameroon agreed to construct a bridge over the Logone river. Sterling Energy has decided to surrender the Ntem concession in Cameroon due to overlapping border claims that made the block unexploitable. Amnesty International released a report condemning the treatment of suspected Boko Haram militants being kept in Cameroonian prisons. The American military conducted training exercises with the Cameroonian military in ambush tactics as well as border patrol operations. The Cameroonian government announced the roll out of a new biometric national identification system. An attack by Boko Haram on the Gambarou village in Cameroon left 4 dead and 60 buildings destroyed.