Iran / by Lewis McKinnon

Iranian public approval of the nuclear deal has declined since it was finalised one year ago. After one year, 74 per cent of Iranians say that there has been no tangible economic improvement, and three out of four Iranian citizens accuse the United States government of actively preventing other countries from normalising economic relations with Iran. Iran reached an agreement with France to take part in a multi-national nuclear fusion project. Trials commenced for the 48 people charged with storming the Saudi Arabian embassy in Tehran. Iran denied claims by Washington that three senior al-Qaida figures are currently based in Tehran, stating that the country has no knowledge of their presence. Iranian forces foiled an attempted terrorist infiltration from Turkey. Iran is exploring a return to the bond market for the first time since 2002, in an attempt to finance an economic recovery. The United States House of Representatives approved two amendments to a financial services spending bill, aimed at blocking Boeing’s planned sale of over 100 commercial aircraft to Iran. Iran resumed petrochemical exports to Britain for the first time since economic sanctions were lifted in accordance with the nuclear deal. Iranian Petroleum Contracts are expected to replace the current buy-back model. The new contracts could ease investment risks which could open new doors for foreign investment.