Kuwait / by Lewis McKinnon

On 14 July, the Kuwaiti government passed a law to improve working conditions for domestic staff in Kuwait, including setting a minimum wage. Kuwaiti Member of Parliament, Abdulhameed Dashti, was sentenced to 14 years and six months incarceration in absentia on 27 July. The Kuwaiti ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Jamal Al-Ghunaim, announced Kuwait’s commitment to uphold international laws concerning torture and the maltreatment of human beings during a meeting with delegates from the UN Convention Against Torture on 26 July. An official spokesman for the Kuwait National Petroleum Company announced on 2 July that increased security measures will be enforced at oil installations throughout Kuwait. The Kuwaiti government gave the warring factions of the Yemeni conflict 15 days to negotiate an agreement on the conflict on 21 July. The Kuwaiti embassy in Tanzania announced on 23 July that closer security ties with the Republic of Tanzania will be developed in the near future. The Kuwait and Saudi Arabian governments have issued a formal complaint to the UN concerning repeated incursions into their sovereign waters by military vessels from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Kuwait’s ambassador to Kazakhstan, Tariq Al-Faraj, confirmed on 13 July that the two countries are looking to broaden cooperation in many fields and strengthen economic ties. The Kuwaiti government and the European Union (EU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 18 July. The National Bank of Kuwait released new figures on 23 July that highlighted the continued growth in Kuwait’s project market. The Kuwaiti government provided $4.4 billion to kick-start the construction of the new terminal of Kuwait International Airport on 23 July.