Nigeria / by Lewis McKinnon

In foreign affairs, Nigerian President Buhari announced that the Nigerian government would not contest an International Court of Justice (ICJ) order regarding the location of the Cameroon-Nigerian border. In economic affairs, the naira hit an all time low, forcing the Nigerian government to sell off dollars to boost the currency. Top Nigerian electricity companies are threatening to black out much of the country if debts are not payed. In security news, Niger Delta militants launched an attack on an artillery unit leading to 3 deaths. Boko Haram leaders issued an ultimatum regarding the appointment of a new Daesh leader for the West African affiliates. The militant group is also in the process of constructing a new base in the Burra forest in the North West of Nigeria. The Nigerian air force deployed forces to the Minna country to suppress civil unrest. Hundreds of protesters shut down a Chevron facility requiring an evacuation of Chevron employees by helicopter and plane.