UAE / by Lewis McKinnon

In the affairs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the UAE government has launched an investment initiative to boost competitiveness in a number of different sectors in a bid to establish Dubai as a manufacturing hub. The United Arab Bank, following the suit of other banks in the Gulf has secured a $150 million dollar loan. The UAE has warned its citizens to refrain from wearing traditional garments when abroad. The government of the UAE has signed an agreement to open a new UN women Liaison office in Abu Dhabi. The UAE’s foreign minister made his first ever visit to Malta to discuss bilateral relations. The UAE announced the opening of an embassy in Budapest, Hungary next year. The UAE has acquired a new technology system to tighten its security on its civilian population. The United States (US) State Department approved the possible sale of $785 million dollars worth of munitions and support to the UAE. A source close to the Turkey Intelligence Agency has claimed that the UAE government collaborated with coup plotters.