Sierra Leone / by Lewis McKinnon

Representatives from Sierra Leone and South Sudan to China met to discuss experiences and the rebuilding process after each country’s respective wars. President Koroma’s Recovery Priorities plan continued with the planting of over a million trees across water catchment zones, which will help ensure water security. Sierra Leone hosted the African Union Campaign to End Child Marriage in Freetown, which highlighted the country’s commitment to end the practice. Sierra Leone’s ambassador to the Republic of Korea met the Brazilian ambassador to discuss agricultural development and economic cooperation. Protesters rioted in Kabal Town over the decision to move a Youth Village, which will have a vocational skills training centre and agricultural facility, from Koinadugu District to Mile 91 in the Tonkolili District. A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the Atlantic Ocean about 1,000 km off the shores of Sierra Leone, which concerned officials because of the possibility of a tsunami caused by the earthquake. A group of Mormon missionaries were injured in a car accident in Sierra Leone. The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Sector has already made huge gains in 2016 and is expected to exceed its target of 40 billion leones for the 2016 fiscal year. Swedish government officials and members of the board of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) visited Sierra Leone to get the government’s permission and support to implement their findings in the country. The EITI is an international organisation that has created a standard to measure how countries manage their oil, gas, and mineral resources and promotes transparency.