Egypt / by Alistair Galloway

Egyptian President el-Sisi met with United States President Donald Trump during a visit to the United States on 3 April. A campaign to denounce sexual harassment in Egypt has increased in popularity as hundreds of Egyptian women and girls have shared personal stories about it on social media. An Egyptian criminal court sentenced a rights lawyer to 10 years in prison and a social media ban for using Facebook to ‘destabilize the general order’. Egyptian-American aid worker Aya Hijazi was acquitted of child abuse and human trafficking charges by an Egyptian court on 16 April. A video surfaced allegedly showing Egyptian soldiers shooting unarmed detainees in the northern Sinai region. President el-Sisi met with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman in his first visit to Saudi Arabia since tensions had increased last year over diverging policies on Syria. Pope Francis visited Egypt on 26 April to meet with Egyptian political and religious leaders. According to Egypt's Interior Ministry, 16 people, including 13 policemen, were injured in a bomb blast near a police training facility in the Nile Delta. Multiple attacks in Egypt targeting Coptic Christians celebrating Palm Sunday left 49 people dead on 9 April. Israel closed its border with Egypt following a warning by its anti-terrorism office of an ‘imminent’ militant attack. Egyptian security officials stated that three people were injured in clashes between militants and local tribes in the Sinai Peninsula. A week after the reported clashes between Islamic State militants and local tribesman, the conflict escalated as an Islamic State (IS) suicide bomber killed four members of a local tribe.