Nigeria / by Alistair Galloway

President Buhari has suspended two high-ranking government officials over allegations of corruption. The head of the National Intelligence Agency is being investigated after a police apartment raid discovered US$43 million in cash that belonged to his agency. An oil tanker has been detained on suspicion of oil theft from the Shell Afremo platform. 14 young girls have been abducted by militants believed to be Boko Haram. In a separate incident four girls were allegedly abducted by Boko Haram after a herdsman was murdered. A suicide car bomber attacked a military convoy on 27 April. 5 soldiers were killed and another 40 were injured. UNICEF have warned about the “alarming” numbers of children that are being deployed as suicide bombers in Nigeria. Government officials are hoping that 2017 started with good economic growth and are confident the growth figures will be good news when published at the end of May. The Central Bank has designed a scheme to give certain investors access to a floating naira. The Investors’ and Exporters’ FX Window is designed to allow access to dollars and improve liquidity whilst shielding the economy from the rapid increase in inflation that would follow a decision to allow the naira to suddenly float freely.