Yemen / by Alistair Galloway

The European Union (EU) maintained its belief that a political dialogue rather than military conflict is the only way that peace can be achieved in Yemen. The United Nations (UN) confirmed on 10 April that, with its partners, it has succeeded in completing a nationwide polio campaign for children in Yemen. Mertixell Relano, spokesperson for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in Yemen, announced that up to 4.5 million children will be unable to complete the school year in Yemen this year. Several hundred activists marched from the UN offices in Sanaa to the besieged port city of Hodeidah to advocate for the creation of a humanitarian zone in the city. The United Nations organised a conference on the 25th of April to help raise funds for humanitarian assistance in Yemen. Save the Children and Watchlist are advocating for Saudi Arabia to be placed on the UN’s list of children’s rights violators due to recent attacks on hospitals and doctors in Yemen. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was reported to have offered 40000 Egyptian troops to the Saudi-led coalition on 17 April for the conflict against Houthi rebels in Yemen. Twelve Saudi Arabian military officers were killed in eastern Yemen on 18 April when their helicopter crashed in Marib province. Four Al-Qaeda militants were killed in a U.S drone strike in Maarib province on 18 April. Jamie McGoldrick, UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, called on 20 April for Saudi Arabia not to bomb the rebel-held port of Hodeida. Seven Yemeni soldiers were killed in Aden on 24 April when a shipment of landmines accidentally detonated. President Hadi and the Yemeni government vowed to reclaim the port city of Hodeida from Houthi rebels earlier this month. The Saudi-led coalition has confirmed the capture of a senior al-Qaeda commander as well as other militants from the group during counterterrorism operations in the city of Hadramout on 23 April. Houthi forces have been accused by Human Rights Watch for the use of illegal landmines which have killed hundreds of civilians throughout Yemen.