Egypt by Alistair Galloway

Germany offered Egypt $500 million to support its economic programme and medium-sized and small businesses. Egypt’s General Intelligence Service, also known as Mukhabarat, hired public relations firm Weber Shandwick and Washington DC lobbying firm Cassidy and Associates in order to promote its ‘strategic partnership’ with the United States. Egypt’s Ministry of Supply cut bread subsidies, resulting in protests in many major cities. According to reports, President el-Sisi will meet with United States President Donald Trump at the beginning of April. Egypt is one of several Middle Eastern states that has been subject to new travel regulations by the United States and United Kingdom. Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was freed after a six-year imprisonment. United States officials reported that Russia deployed special forces to an airbase in western Egypt near its border with Libya. Ten members of Egypt's military were killed on 23 March when their vehicles were hit by two improvised bombs during an operation against suspected militants in the Sinai Peninsula. Israel’s Anti- Terrorism Directorate issued a ‘Level 1’ alert for citizens in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on 27 March. Saudi Arabian state oil company Aramco will resume oil product shipments to Egypt after halting shipments for the past six months. The World Bank announced on 20 March that it disbursed another $1 billion in financial assistance to Egypt out of its $3 billion loan program. British Petroleum (BP) announced on 27 March that it made its third gas discovery in Egypt’s North Damietta offshore concession in the east Nile Delta, in which BP has 100% equity. 

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