Cyber security & Risk MANAGEMENT 

Frontier Horizons is a global security and risk management consultancy that provides specialist equipment and technical solutions to help safeguard people property and assets. We provide Global Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Physical Security solutions.

With 6 years of valuable experience, Frontier Horizons is trusted to serve 7 client sectors including: Business & Commerce, Energy, Government & Defence, Maritime, Media & NGOs, Private Security Contractors and Tourism & Travel.

Frontier Horizons monitors 50+ countries in regions including Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Former Soviet Union. We offer Global Intelligence, including daily, weekly, monthly and bespoke country analysis. Our extensive geographical knowledge and network enables us to carry out thorough, accurate and timely risk analysis to identify current and future risks. We also provide risk assessments and basic, standard, and enhanced due diligence and profiling.

Frontier Horizons offers bespoke Cyber Security Consultation. We identify cyber threats, assess risk exposure, implement cyber detection and protection measure, devise cyber-defense contingency plans, conduct background checks, and provide emergency response to cyber incidents.

We offer on the ground Physical Security services in complex and high risk environments around the world, including manned guarding, emergency response, transportation security and crisis management. We offer our clients immediate security emergency response 24/7, as well as additional training for those entering hostile environments or for planning board-level crisis management and physical response.