Physical Security

To complete our service offering Frontier Horizons has supported numerous clients over the years in providing physical security solutions in many different forms. From Crisis Management to Meet and Greet/Executive Protection services, or asset guarding, and training of security personnel, our team of experienced personnel have been responsible for the safety and security of key individuals in very high risk and complex environments.

We offer on the ground support in more than 10 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. In a number of countries we are a registered and licensed Private Security Contractor in others we work through preferred partner relationships with local providers. Most of our staff are local nationals, reducing the need to fly ex-pat security staff into countries in an emergency.


We are able to provide a full range of security services including:

  • Guarding premises
  • Executive protection 
  • Security escort
  • Security emergency response
  • Cash-transit
  • Cargo transportation security
  • Security management
  • Mass event security
  • Crisis management
  • Economic security

We also offer visa services and access to our safe houses in country


Frontier Horizons provides bespoke proposals. These includes daily or monthly costs associated with:

    • Advisory services prior and during deployment
    • Vehicle and driver hire
    • Accommodation – housing for client and food
    • Executive Protection – Ex-pat and Local National Security trained staff
    • Administration – Translators/Fixers
    • Management, Co-ordination, liaison
    • Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)