Encrypted Voice Communications

Frontier Horizons offers a software application designed to protect your calls and messaging, with complete control over your own encryption. Our Encrypted Voice Communications app ensures the security of your mobile-to-mobile interactions simply by downloading the app and registering to use the service. Our government-grade encryption protects your voice calls, text and picture messaging, video and teleconferencing against interception. 

Key Features:

  • Secure Messaging assures the sharing of critical information with trusted contacts.
  • Full Motion Video and Video Conferencing enhances sensitive discussions in time-critical situations; our Secure Voice Communications app is the secure way to hold a teleconference. 
  • Our Encrypted Voice Communications app allows you to securely send images and voice memos. 
  • Group Chat allows secure exchanges of messages, images, etc to a group of trusted contacts.

Why do we need to secure our communications?

  • Individuals who operate outside secure settings, for example in airports and remote locations, may have their calls intercepted by a third party
  • Individuals communicate abroad and often through unknown or un-trusted phone or data connections 
  • Businesses increasingly operate in countries whose governments monitor communications

Examples of sectors that are vulnerable to mobile device threats:

  • Business Executives e.g. Video Conferencing and Teleconferencing
  • Travel and Tourism e.g. Text and picture messaging
  • Lawyers e.g. Flexible secure communications for mobile employees