Travel Tracking

The GOP’s personnel tracking and travel risk management service is designed to inform travellers and employees of current security threats before, during and after their trip whilst offering additional protection globally through live tracking.

Through the use of geo-fencing alerts, safe areas can be established and monitored. Operations staff can be alerted when either safe areas have been breached or personnel have moved from designated routes or areas. The service also allows the user to raise an alarm if they feel at risk.

From the moment an employee books their travel arrangements to the moment they return home, travel security precautions are taken through the Global Operating Platform. 


Once a travel booking is made with an airline or Travel Management Company, the itinerary can be compared to a country risk profile, and changes in risk levels of relevant countries can be monitored.

The employee can receive or access relevant Country Briefs, and regular updates in advance of travel.

During Journey

Frontier Horizons Operations team co-ordinates individual/employees travel movements to ensure safety and to provide friends, family or senior management an update on how many users/staff are where and when, at any given time.

Employees are tracked, stay in touch and provided updates via a variety of means:

  • Electronic devices 
  • Travel App
  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • Telephone hotline to Frontier Horizons



In Case of Emergencies:

  • Red “SOS” button via Travel App 
  • Security Emergency Response
    • 24/7 hotline
    • GPS tracking
  • Rapid response in country 
  • Safety first and Guidance 
  • Management reporting
  • Evacuation planning



Features of Frontier Horizons’ Travel Tracking include:

  • Pre Travel Authorisation
  • Pre Travel Email
  • High Risk Authentication Process for travel to dangers areas
  • In Country, Travelling and Scheduled Journey Reporting
  • Country specific alerts sent to the traveller whilst in country
  • Itinerary Tracking
  • Automated data exchange between TMC and Frontier Horizon
  • Bidirectional SMS